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  1. A fully qualified job opportunity ignites the process
  2. Our recruiting team exhausts available resources (hot sheets, pre-screen/pre-qualified candidates, internal database, personal network, etc.) to secure the most qualified candidate(s).
  3. Once candidates are identified and interviewed, our recruiter will send the top resume(s) for your review.
  4. After you have surveyed the applicant(s), we will facilitate a personal interview
  5. Once you have selected the candidate(s), HRS acts as a catalyst to expedite the onboarding process

In an effort to provide the most cost effective solution to our customers, HRS utilizes a Global Recruiting Center, GRC, eight (8) time zones away providing round the clock support.  Clients experience significant benefits from our expanded service hours and increased talent pool. Located in Bucharest, Romania, the GRC functions as full sourcing and recruiting center as well as provide logistics, travel, bureaucratic and legal support.

HRS maintains a quality-control guarantee by adhering to strict recruiting guidelines. Our five-step process consists of:

  1. Matching the best candidate to your job specifications.
  2. Conducting a thorough screening and interview process.
  3. Maintaining a stringent, in-depth reference-check policy.
  4. Performing drug testing on all applicants and background examinations (per client’s request).
  5. Superior communication ensuring that employees receive detailed information and arrive on time.
  • We apply much of the same knowledge and instincts to recruiting as you apply to your business judgments. Our success in this industry demonstrates that we are a reliable, high quality, knowledgeable staffing resource.
  • By offering you competitive rates for the very best value, you receive the highest return on your investment. In the end, we not only help to reduce your costs accrued from the first employment ad, through the hiring process and into administrative expenses, but we can save you time.
  • Our success is a direct result of our core values: high performance, accountability, integrity and teamwork. Our competitive rates offer the best value for your return on investment. HRS employees are empowered to compliment your recruiting efforts saving you time and money.